QUESTION: Is open play available for my kids?
ANSWER: Yes, day passes are available everyday. Open play is not available during private party events or special events by the Fun Place that closes open play.


QUESTION: Are there private party rooms available?
ANSWER: Yes, there are private party room packages available. These packages include day passes for our playscape for each of the children.


QUESTION: Can I bring my own food and drinks?
ANSWER: No, the Fun Place prohibits all food and drinks. We do allow personal water bottles and food for infants.


QUESTION: What are the hours of operation?
ANSWER: The Fun Place is open 10am to 8pm on Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri and Sat. Thur and Sun, we are open 10am to 6pm. Thursday and Sunday between 6pm and 8pm are reserved for private events.


QUESTION: Do parents have to pay to get in?
ANSWER: No, parents and accompanying adults are free to enter. We encourage families to come together and enjoy time together.


QUESTION: What age range do you charge for entry?
ANSWER: Kids under 16 are required to have a pass to enter.


QUESTION: Can I bring in my own entertainment?
ANSWER: The Fun Place does not allow any outside entertainment. Fairytale Entertainment is the exclusive entertainment provider for the Fun Place.


QUESTION: Do you rent the entire Fun Place for private parties?
ANSWER: Yes, we do rent the entire place for private parties. Thursday and Sunday evenings are reserved for private party requests. Feel free to inquire about your event.


QUESTION: Where do I go for payment enquiries and disputes?
ANSWER: Having an issue with a card payment? Visit Payment enquiries & Disputes


QUESTION: Can I purchase food and drinks at the Fun Place?
ANSWER: Yes, the Fairytale Fun Place features a full pizza cafe with a full menu. Pizza, sandwiches, salads, snacks and desserts are available. There is also a full coffee and drink bar featuring latte’s, cappuccino’s, soft drinks, beer, wine as well as smoothies and shakes.


QUESTION: Can I purchase my passes online?
ANSWER: Yes, you can purchase your day or event passes online. The Fun Place can scan your purchase when you arrive.


QUESTION: Do I have to fill out waivers for my children?
ANSWER: Yes, a waiver will be required for entry and you can either fill it out in advance online or do so in person when you arrive.


QUESTION: Will there be annual membership passes?
ANSWER: Yes, annual memberships will be available and can be purchased at any time.


QUESTION: Can I have themed character entertainment at my party?
ANSWER: Yes, Fairytale Entertainment is our exclusive provider of themed entertainment and has an amazing cast of princesses, superheroes, pirates, cartoon characters and other interactive entertainment.