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The Fairytale Fun Place is an ideal location for your birthday party celebration. Our private party rooms will provide you with a space to enjoy some private moments, great food and unforgettable entertainment. Please use the information below to build your private party room experience. Updated information and prices may be available upon request. 

There are 3 options available for your birthday party at the Fairytale Fun Place.

  • Private Party Rooms - This is our most popular option available. Please see the party room packages and additional options.
  • Full Facility Rental - This is the most exclusive option available and offers the most ideal setting for your special event. See our Immersive Package below.
  • Walk-In Party - If you feel our private party rooms aren’t the right fit for you, we do offer walk-in party options but they do REQUIRE a reservation. See important information below.
PLEASE NOTE: Outside food and beverages are not permitted at the Fairytale Fun Place. In addition to our party room food packages, your guests can order from our full pizza cafe as well as our coffee and drink bar. Personal water bottles are permitted as well as food for infants. You may choose to open a tab for your guests. The Fairytale Fun Place now provides a selection of beer and wine which may offer your guests exciting options to relax during your event.




EXCITE- $250

(can seat up to 22, with a 66 person maximum (additional fees apply))
INCLUDES: This is our A La Carte Option. 2.5 hours of a private party room rental. Food, drink, decor, open play passes, balloons, experiences are all add-ons and must be purchased through the Fun Place.
See Availability


(Up to 8 children- $20 for each additional child - can seat up to 22, with a 66 person maximum (additional fees apply))
INCLUDES: 2.5 hr room rental // Party host // 2 slices of pizza per child // 2 pitchers of pop // standard 2 color paper products // balloon centerpieces on each table // 8 open play passes // additional decor, food or drink are add-on options.
See Availability


(Up to 8 children-$30 for each additional child - exclusive facility rental - minimums are required)
INCLUDES: 2 hrs of EXCLUSIVE FACILITY RENTAL // Party Host // 2 slices of pizza per child // 2 pitchers of pop // standard 2 color paper products // 2 balloon centerpieces // This package allows your guest the ultimate experience. Party is set up in the main dining area. We do require a $200 minimum for additional food and drinks.
See Availability




One or more party characters can be added to your package to bring some additional magic to your event.
Services like Face Painting, Balloon twisting, exclusive cotton candy and popcorn can be added to your party.
Add on speciality pizzas, party platters, additional snacks, desserts, cakes, cupcakes and cookies. See List
Entertainment such as our Jurassic Adventure, Iron Man, and Nerf War requires full private rental.




Add one or more platters to your party package:       
>Hummus, Veggie and Snack Platter ($35)       
>Hot Dogs ($50)       
>Chicken Strips & Dip ($65)       
>Mac & Cheese Platter ($45)       
>Soft Pretzel Bites and Cheese Platter ($50)       
>Fruit and Dip Platter ($40)       
>Nachos & Cheese ($40)       
>Cheese, Meat and Cracker Platter ($60)       
>Chip Bowls - 3 Varieties ($30)       
>Bagel & Spread Platter ($35)       
>Muffin & Donut Platter ($60)       
>French Toast Stick Platter - ($45)       
>Sausage & Cheese Quiche - ($55)       
>Ham & Cheese Quiche - ($55)       
>Spinach & Feta Quiche - ($55)       
>Fruit Cup - ($4)       
>Chip Bags - ($2)
Add one or more items to your party package:       
>Large Cheese Pizza - ($19)       
>Large Pepperoni Pizza - ($20)       
>Large Supreme Pizza - ($21)       
>Large BBQ Pizza - ($21)  
>Vegetable Pizza - ($22) 
>Dozen Breadsticks - ($12)       
>Pitcher of Pop - ($8)       
>Apple Juice Upgrade - ($3 each)       
>Milk Upgrade - ($2 each)
Add one or more items to your party package:       
>Variety of wraps (Ham, Turkey & Italian) - ($45)       
>Sub Sandwiches (Ham, Turkey & Italian) - ($55)       
>Garden Salad - ($40)       
>Caesar Salad - ($40)       
> Antipasto Salad - ($47)
Add one or more items to your party package:       
>Cookie Bar ($35)       
>Sundae Bar ($60)       
>Packaged Ice Cream Bars - ($3 each)       
>Kids Size Ice Cream Float - ($4 each)       
>Muffin & Donut Platter- ($60)       
>Dozen Cupcakes - ($36)       
>Cotton Candy Bags - ($3 each)       
>Fresh Popcorn - ($3 each)       




Add one or more items to your party package:       
>Five helium balloon bundle of 11" latex balloons ($45)       
>Five helium balloon bundle of 16" latex balloons ($65)       
>18" Themed Helium Balloons ($8 each)       
>Themed Foil Bouquets ($30)       
>Foil helium number balloons ($23)       
>Balloon Arches ($300)       
>Balloon Garland ($200)       
>Balloon Column ($200)       
>Balloon Centerpieces (TBD)       
Note : *Helium inflated balloons are subject to price changes based on availability.
Add one or more items to your party package:       
>Pull String Candy Filled Pinata ($60)       
>Confetti drop in stage area ($60)       
>Bubble Maker in stage area ($60)       
>Haze Machine in stage area ($60)       
>Custom Favor Bags ($1 per ticket - Kids choose items) 
>Arcade Card Basic ($6) 
>Arcade Card Upgrade ($11)
Add one or more itmes to your party package:       
>Themed table products ($10 per child)       
>Battery Operated Candles ($25)       
>Cake Accessories Package -        
[Server, lighter, candles, plates & forks] - ($2 pp)       
>Linen Table Covers (TBD)        
>Linen Chair Covers (TBD)
>Table Rental ($50)
Add one or more characters to your party package:       
>Standard Princesses - $195       
>Standard Superheroes - $220       
>Face Painting - $195       
>Balloon Twister - $195       
>Laser Tag - (up to 15 kids) $300       
>Nerf Challenge - (up to 15 kids) $450

WALK-IN PARTY RESERVATIONS: Although we do welcome walk-in parties, please know that we REQUIRE reservations if you plan to have a walk-in birthday party with a group of 5 or more. Due to the volume of guests on any given day, we work hard to manage the flow of guests and open seating in our dining room and seating areas. Our first priority is to our private parties that have booked far in advance and worked with us closely to plan their event. PLEASE NOTE in regard to walk-in group parties:
  • We may not be able to accommodate walk-in parties without registration.
  • All weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) walk-in birthday parties, group gatherings, and family reunions, that have more than 5 participants, are required to have a reservation. Please call 248 707-2485 to reserve a room or table top. This is important to maintain the quality of all events taking place at the Fairytale Fun Place.
  • We do not allow outside food, desserts, beverages, or decorations as we provide those services ourselves. Exceptions to this are made when you make reservations with our sales team.
  • Please remember that tables in our dining area are reserved for guests ordering food from the Cowabunga Cafe. Walk-in parties with or without reservations cannot secure tables without ordering the appropriate amount of food for seats taken.
  • There is a two hour maximum for walk-in parties that have table reservations. You may stay as long as you want but we do ask that your party vacate the dining area after the two hour mark.
  • When registering your walk-in party, please be sure to give an accurate number of children and adults. Seating is always a main concern so be thorough.
  • Pitchers of pop are not available in our dining room. They are only allowed in our private party rooms.

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT: The Fairytale Fun Place welcomes everyone to come and have fun at our facility. We work hard to put on events and create an exciting atmosphere for families to enjoy. With that said, well thought out planning is the key to our success and making sure that all our guests have a fantastic time. Knowing the volume of parties is critical for us in staffing and food preparation. When our team is surprised by additional parties, it can stress our system and create frustration for everyone. 

Example: We have three planned parties in our private party rooms on a Saturday. Just as these first three parties are arriving with their guests, we are surprised by three walk-in parties showing up at the same time. Because walk-in parties are not expected, they create stress at the registration desk and this creates frustration for our booked guests who worked hard to plan their arrival. When we can anticipate the flow of parties and guests, everyone is happier and our staff is ready to assist.